Winter Reflection

How to make sense out of these times….?
All the difficult News.
The Paradox of doing spiritual Work:
You get more sensitive – so it hurts more.
How do you have your heart open to the world
But not get swept down the river of despair?


Spiritual practice is sooo important!
Learning to sit in the center point-
The Eye of the Hurricane.
Because the World is going to swirl.
Taking your seat there, your heart can reach out and touch
One person, or one issue, or radiate to All of It at once!


Take the time.
To breathe, to sit.
Breathe in the pain
And breathe it out and connect it to the Web of Life.


The Earth is fine.
Breathe your trembling soul into her precious body
And feel the Strength coming from there.
Wait on the Clarity that is also there.
Then, speak and move from that place.

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