Check back here periodically as there are a number of new offerings for the community throughout the year.

I am currently running a Dharma Book Study that runs from September to June, with a break in the Summer

and a new book started in the Fall.  New members will be considered for the next group starting in September 2024.

So far we have explored “In Love with the World” by Mingyur Rinpoche and “Rebel Buddha” by Dzogchen Ponlop

Rinpoche and are currently working in “From Confusion to Clarity,” also by Mingyur Rinpoche.

If you’re interested, please be in touch and we can talk about whether you’d be a good fit to join the group in the Fall.











“When life presents us with serious challenges, we can take them on as our greatest opportunities for growth. That is also when we need the support and wisdom of others to meet the rigors of growth. I worked with Tom for three years and have never found him to be wanting in providing a safe and supportive place to work with the material reality and my inner voice presented to me. He has a true ability to listen, reflect and offer dialogue based on both his personal experience and his training. I can give no higher Praise to Tom in his practice and his personal integrity.”