Welcome to Tom Fuller Psychospiritual Counseling. I am delighted to offer the following services to my clients.


In the individual sessions we will muck around and look at what is the basis of your sadness, anxiety, anger or confusion. Using guided mindfulness I help you to gently revisit times of great difficulty or trauma in your life in order to support healing at deep levels. Connecting with that early woundedness frees up lots of energy and insight to support you in doing what you want to be doing in your life NOW! I am also working with middle aged and older clients who are wanting to connect with deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. At a certain point, the whole thing has to be revisited, pruning needs to happen and course corrections made. This can be quite painful but is extremely rewarding as it allows you to show up in your life with a renewed energy and clarity about what you’re wanting to accomplish.

Drawing on my background in Family Systems Theory and Voice Dialogue Work, I will help you to find ways to talk about the hard stuff. Many couples are needing better communication tools so they can move past the argument and start having fun again. Other couples are needing support while they re-vision what it is they’re doing together. Some couples come to counseling and realize that what they need is help to break up in the best way possible. I can hold space and guide you no matter what your relationship is needing these days.


If you are out of the area or it is difficult to get to my office, I am available for phone or zoom sessions. E-mail or call me so we can determine if this is an option that would work for you.

If you’re interested in working together, contact me at [email protected] or by phone at 503.422.7235. I do provide a free 20 minute phone consultation if you have questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


I came into Tom’s men’s group at life time low. My world had crumbled and I was looking at the pieces alternately wondering what I missed and what I was going to do. I only wish I had stumbled in sooner.

Tom’s vision to bring men into accordance with each other and themselves is realistic and visionary. Just like every man I’ve met, I hardly knew what it meant to listen to myself, much less be accountable for my self. I hardly knew what being a better man entailed, so I was incapable of creating the fulfilling life I thought I had.

Through the support of the other men, I am actively and honestly engaging in my relationships. My internal and external ability to communicate is growing. I have carved out a place to honor the truths inside of me with dignity, grace and equanimity. Thanks, Tom, for the support!

“Tom Fuller is worth his weight in gold!” Dr. Shay Hosseinion, MD