True Presence is not in the realm of thought

The Awareness, the Presence, that I discuss in my blogs and Dharma Talks is not in the realm of concept or thought. It’s below the realm of thought.

For most people, coming to the place of dropping below the realm of thought is a big step. Our tendency to “try to improve our situation” is so hardwired into us that to suggest anything else seems like pure heresy. This whole self-improvement project takes place in the realm of thought and, unless it’s done consciously, it can be a great distraction to the process of opening spiritually. It can actually make it impossible, because true opening has a certain degree of surrender in it. All our efforts at self-improvement are going to keep us in our heads and keep us from opening to the moment.

I’m not asking people to give up trying to improve their situation. I’m suggesting they give up their identification with this process. That’s really the key. When this identification is released, the changes that do occur are more likely to be in harmony with the Life that is wanting to express itself through you, rather than making the ego look prettier, stronger or more refined.

There are many parts to us that want to make the ego bigger and stronger. A lot of them are driven by concerns about social acceptance, acceptance by internalized parental voices, fear of failure, or the fear of death (which, in this culture is often considered a big failure!). When we’re cut off from the natural energy of life, we believe that in order to survive, we need a half a million dollars in the bank to get ourselves through our retirement and sick and dying years. Pursuing that half million dollars, motivated by these concerns of the ego, drains precious time and energy that could be used to work with spirit to co-create the life we want this very day! Surrendering to the present allows us to let go of these fears and gradually come back into resonance with the flow of life-force energy. What we find is that once we do that, in this moment is all the love and acceptance and resources we need to thrive, to grow, and to be in our lives in a much bigger way!

Tune into your life today. Open up your hearing, your seeing, your sense of smell and taste. Feel the breeze and the sunlight on your skin. Be aware of the breath moving in and out of your body. Give yourself a break from the incessant unfolding of thought after thought. Allow yourself to be here. In this moment, this present, there is no problem. This is the place you want to be!

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