Self-care as consistent, sustained practice.

The great thing about doing meditation or other spiritual practices

six or seven times a week, is that they really start to shape your experience of reality.

If you incorporate a gratitude component into your practice and really tap in to the blessings of the creator, the Dharma or your own good karma (depending on your orientation), then that gratitude can act as an immune support as you go through your day. You’ll pick up less of the sludge and drudge of the “daily news”, and the depressed or angry vibes of the people you may travel with or work around.


Tapping into the blessings of the creator, the guru or your own deep heart is a great activator for your life force, which is a great support of physical and mental health.

When you pray for your family, your friends, associates and all beings, then you are really moving out of being a victim of bad news, fake news and bad politicians into being a creator and sustainer of the immediate world you inhabit.


Don’t take my word for it, though, you’ve got to do it.


Some people can do their spiritual practice at night but I and most people I know have the best result with it if you can start your day on your cushion. Before you get on your devices . (Just sayin’.)


Start out at 10 minutes and up your level by 10 minutes per month until you get to at least 30 minutes. I was at 45 minutes for about a year and recently raised it to an hour because I was having so much fun and I needed more time. You just start getting up earlier.


This is an adjustment to carve that time out of your schedule, but after a while, you start getting energy back from your practice.

There’s a great discipline in getting up to sit in the morning. You hear your alarm go off and you get up. Boom! Don’t think. Get yourself to your cushion and relax into your meditation or whatever practice you’re doing.

If your schedule varies, decide when you’re going to get up the night before. Set your clock and get up when you hear it go off. Don’t hit the snooze button – you won’t get the benefit.


The world needs you to develop your spiritual strength. Your calmness, discipline, patience, generosity, compassion and wisdom. You can develop these. It’s a matter of getting support and setting priorities.

If you want support with your practice, or ideas about how to customize or broaden your daily practice, please get in touch!

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