Scrotal and Phallic Power in Men

This post is inspired by two essays by Michael Meade and Michael Ventura from the late 80’s.

The Ventura piece is entitled “Notes on three erections” and is from a wonderful compilation  called “Shadow Dancing in the USA”.

Scrotal power rests in the present, in the recognition of the continuation of all things, and the celebration of that.  It brings forth nurturing and maintenance of those things we have created, our identity with Gaia, our connection with planting and the harvest, with the animals and the offering of their lives for life to go on.  With Scrotal power we nurture our families, our community and gestate visions of harmonious worlds, stemming from our connection with history and all-that-is.

Phallic Power projects that vision into form, inserts it into the web of life, organizes systems for the creation and maintenance of that which Life desires through us.  It lifts and separates from the void, from oceanic unity.  It is the expression of our Genius as men and women into time and space.  Phallos is the sword of discrimination and also the wand of transformation.  It is used to cut away detritus and old dead wood that would clog up the ongoing, living expression of our divine humanity into culture that is created with an inherent awareness of Wholism. It always serves the whole, the community, but sometimes it’s expression can be fierce, quick, sharp or abrupt.  But that is always done with consciousness, with awareness rooted in our balls, which continuously reminds us of our place in the family, in history, in the community, in the kosmos.

These two concepts want to be brought forward in the new aeon, to help men move beyond the confusion wrought from the recent (last 50 years) empowerment of women and the resultant transformation of roles between men and women.  Men need to work together to empower themselves and clear away the remnants of the patriarchal nightmare. Women and the Divine Feminine wait to welcome them home from their centuries of wondering in dreams of isolation and conquest, blood-letting and torture. Most specifically torture and dis-memberment of their own Souls.  For as (white, European) men have separated off from their connection with nature, and with their divine gnosis, they have entered into delusions about “the other” permeated with fear that has kept them from recognizing themselves in the animals, their environment, in people of color and their more earth-based cultures. The time for resolving that split is upon us.

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