New Wine part 2

In the last entry I mentioned briefly the coming of 2012 and how I see that as an anchor in time that serves to orient and accelerate the work of transformation and awakening-both on the individual and collective level. It seems important to say that I don’t subscribe to the Armageddon theory. The Last Days, The end of the World, The Rapture, etc. These are all literal descriptions of an event which I see as being energetic and metaphoric. Perhaps it’s because I ‘ve lived through 1984, “The Day After”, The Harmonic Convergence, Y2K, etc. I don’t think we’re going to get off that easy. I think that if we want transformation, we’re going to have to go towards it in the same way it’s always worked; hard, focussed effort, one bucketful at a time. That’s the way I’ve experienced my personal openings, and that’s the way I see transformation occuring on a social and global scale. It’s not that I don’t experience Grace occuring in my own life or in larger arenas, but I believe that the way is paved for that Grace to occur by the thoughts and actions that preceded it.

My personal spiritual work has not been engaged on the larger social level for the last two or three decades. I got the message in my twenties that the best thing that I could do for others and for the planet was to work on myself, and I took that message very seriously. In late 2009, however, the call to move to Portland became undeniable, and some part of my brain knew that the move was going to be about my bringing this Spiritual knowledge to work within a larger context.

Part of my reticence over the years to get involved in “working for change” on political or social levels is that I know how hard it is to make changes that truly support the greater good. My understanding of what Buddha describes as the three poisons of greed, hatred and delusion (or attachment, aversion and ignorance, if you prefer) has helped me see that great intentions often do not give rise to their intended results, because of blind spots within the individual or groups. I’ve seen it in myself. That’s part of the reason that this forum is coming out of my prayer and meditation and that I am soliciting feedback from others. I don’t claim to have the Truth and the whole Truth at my fingertips and I want to hear what your take is on things. If you think that I’m off base, I want to hear about it.

The theme of “bringing in the new world” is a base line of what I’m up to here. I know that many groups and individuals are thinking along these lines and many have been for decades. This is going to be the thread that I weave into the fabric of reality that we create together. My prayer is that it be a good one, and that it serves to contribute to the foundation for a better life for the Earth and all beings that live on her down to seven generations and beyond.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, for being part of my extended family. I look forward to seeing what we create together!

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