Falling Down to the Ground of Being

The Ocean, the formlessness that underlies all forms, is the place of fearlessness and eternity. . If you fall down to this ground (of being) then you don’t have to fear falling further. If you are in touch with that ground then the forms of your life, (your family, your work situation, your body) can go through their necessary transformations to come into a deeper balance, without you having to get caught in contraction and fear. This is ecstatic release. OUCH!

Many people have an intuitive understanding of why they have to go through these transformations. I believe it is because our lives were patterned in a time when the earth energy could support the old forms and this can not happen anymore.

For thousands of years, and particularly in the past 60 years in the West, the center of individual psychic life has moved towards the creation and maintenance of What Adyashanti and Eckhart Tolle call “the little me” which “has to have it my way”. Structures of society have evolved to support it and to push its agenda. Western consumerism is based on it.

Now there is an evolutionary pressure away from this egocentrism towards a more collective perspective. Health can no longer be maintained if you continue to operate out of a belief that this isolated “me” is the center of the universe. In order for health and mental stability to grow, there needs to be a releasing of the attachments to this level of operating and viewing the world . A more comprehensive view must be embraced that takes others needs into account as well as the ecology of the planet. This view will also recognize the Life Force that pervades it without needing to squeeze that Force into a small box that forces It to support the self-centered views of the ” small me” again.

Some people call this change/movement Evolution. A slightly different way to describe this situation is that the earth-plane is increasing in vibrational level. In simple terms, the Earth (Gaia) used to be vibrating at a level that supported a civilization built around the individual ego that operated out of the third chakra power center. Now, however, the Earth is in the process of raising her vibration to a level that resonates more with the human heart center. From this level, there is a more expansive view exemplified by love, community and an ethic of communality. There is an awareness of wholeness, of how “I” fit into the larger fabric. When individuals and families are able to live out of the heart center, they can participate in the New World that is coming in. “The ending of the world as we know it” is occurring on the level of the 3rd chakra/power center. The New World is arising out of the vibration of the Heart and the higher centers. The forms that are generated out of the Heart are those that will persist, evolve and thrive as the old world continues to corrode and fall away.

When consciousness is centered in the Heart, then there need not be fear as the old forms of one’s life and those around one go through their necessary adjustments. Yes, there is compassion, for oneself and for others, as these changes can be very painful. Part of what naturally wants to develop as one raises one’s level to the Heart Center is a higher degree of compassion and wisdom. The Wisdom sees the necessity for the changes that need to happen, and the Compassion provides love and support for the challenges and difficulties that the individual must go through in making those changes.

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